POE Lighting and Controls

Power over Ethernet (“PoE”) lighting, driven by LED technology and a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT), refers to the intersection of lighting and technology through the use of low-voltage data cabling and network switches to power light fixtures and transmit data between the light fixtures, sensors, and the control system software.  


How Does PoE Lighting Technology Benefit Clients?

Today’s LED light fixtures with low voltage DC circuit boards can often be easily controlled by PoE. Conduit runs to light fixtures can be minimized and installation costs reduced. Clients can operate in a space with minimized line voltage, allowing for easier space maintenance. Sensor networks can seamlessly deliver occupancy, daylight, temperature, humidity, CO2, and other information to other building systems such as fire alarm, BMS, security, and access. Data collected and managed from these systems can help maximize energy savings, optimize space usage, and improve employee well-being, and productivity.

Chelsea Lighting is the industry leader in executing PoE lighting and controls solutions.  With a proven track record, Chelsea Lighting has successfully delivered PoE solutions to over 1.5 million square feet of high profile commercial space over the past 2 years.  We will collaborate with your firm during the design process to create a seamless PoE lighting project from specification to build out.

Design Support

  • Support the design team – architect, lighting designer, electrical engineer, low voltage designer

  • Recommend light fixtures that operate easily and perform well with PoE

  • Help optimize a project design utilizing PoE technology

  • Match a project and its lighting design to a PoE control solution

  • Develop emergency lighting solutions

  • Make recommendations to keep a project within budget and on schedule


  • Prepare takeoffs and put together PoE lighting and control system cost estimates and quotations

  • Evaluate if light fixtures will utilize integral or remote-mounted PoE drivers

  • Determine the proper voltage and current for each light fixture and match the PoE equipment accordingly

  • Evaluate the need for proper harnesses, cables, and connectors 

  • Coordinate control of any line voltage decorative fixtures with the PoE system

  • Begin lighting submittal process early in the project to allow for proper PoE network design

  • Coordinate the delivery of PoE drivers to the light fixture manufacturers to meet production schedules

Project Management and Field Support

  • Support the project team onsite – owner, owner’s rep, general contractor, electrical contractor, and low voltage contractor

  • Proactively manage the delivery of light fixtures and control gear to meet the project schedule

  • Prewire site visit with submittal page turn

  • Installation/wiring assistance and troubleshooting

  • Sensor verification and testing

  • Site readiness verification prior to control system programming

  • Third-party integration support

  • System functionality assessments and recommendations

  • Programming services

  • End-user training and maintenance support