Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is driven by LED technology and is a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT). Using low-voltage data cabling, PoE links lighting and technology with network switches providing power to light fixtures and transmitting data between the light fixtures, sensors, and control system software.

Today’s LED light fixtures with low voltage DC circuit boards are easily controlled by PoE. Carrying line voltage, conduit-protecting wires that typically run to light fixtures can be replaced with low-voltage, Cat-5 or 6 wires, reducing installation costs and improving safety. Clients can operate in a space with minimized line voltage, allowing for easier space maintenance. In addition, sensor networks can seamlessly deliver occupancy, daylight, temperature, humidity, CO2, and other information to other building management systems (BMS), including fire alarm, security, and access. Data collected and managed from these systems can help maximize energy savings, optimize space usage, and improve employee well-being and productivity.

Chelsea Lighting is the industry leader in executing PoE lighting and controls solutions. Chelsea has successfully delivered PoE solutions to over two million square feet of high-profile commercial space with a proven track record over the past three years. We partner with our clients starting at the design process to deliver a seamless PoE lighting project from specification to build out.

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