Now more than ever, it is important to be comfortable and in control of the environments in which we live and work, and the newest in lighting and lighting control solutions allow for just that. At Chelsea, we partner with some of the leading manufacturers to provide the most cutting-edge lighting and control solutions.

Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light when and where it is needed using an intelligent networked system of devices related to lighting control. These devices may include relays, occupancy sensors, photocells, light control switches or touchscreens, and signals from other building systems such as fire alarms or HVAC. Our team understands the delicate intricacies of implementing these complex and efficient lighting control solutions.

Courtesy of Lutron Electronics 

Energy conservation and customization are at the forefront of today’s building designs, and sourcing the right fit for your project’s needs is our specialty. Whether it’s productivity, green initiatives, conservation, entertainment, or long-term flexibility you’re seeking, we’ve got you covered. With one of the largest control teams in the industry, we work from beginning to end to identify the right lighting and controls solutions specific to your project and ensure all works together as intended from start to finish. We take the guesswork out for our clients, partnering with them to create lasting and effective solutions.

Some of Our Vendor Partners